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  • Pax Samson #0 [print comic]


    PAX SAMSON!!! The only dude who'll bring a sword to the cookout!

    Pax Samson is a 13 year old wonder when it's comes to cooking. Too bad that literally everyone in the Samson family are all superheroes and legendary champions who believe his telekinetic powers should be used for saving the world. From his world famous, 500 year old Grandma, to his teenage heartthrob cousin, Pinnacle, they all decide to take Pax along on their adventures to try to show him what it takes to be a hero. Soon, though Pax realizes you don't have to be the best to be SUPER!

    Also enjot a 'My Dog is a Superhero' backup tale!

    Written by: Rashad Doucet
    Art by: Rashad Doucet

    28pgs. Full Color.