OneNation: the Gauntlet [Print Comic Pre-Order]


The man known only as Evers (first seen in OneNation #1) is an agent of the world's most secret cabal, the Shade and the Rock. Evers is one of S&R's most effective agents, his exceptional intelligence, ruthlessness, and ice cold demeanor make him a deadly appendage to the organization. Evers travels anywhere he is needed, overseeing several projects at a time for S&R. His most current project: murder the super soldier Paragon.

Written by: Damion Gonzales & Robert Jeffrey II
Line Art by: Matteo Illuminati
Color Art by: Arianna Pisani
Letter Art by: Loris Ravina
Cover Art by: Massimiliano Veltri

25pgs. Full color 15+
Onenation: the Gauntlet releases on Feb. 2022

by Jason Reeves - Writer and Matteo Illuminati - Artist