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  • OneNation: Black Lotus [digital comic]


    133art presents: Onenation: Black Lotus

    Cover by: Gisela Martins, Sara Ferreira, & Luis Guerrero
    Written by: Alverne Ball
    Art by: Gisela Martins, Sara Ferreira, & Jonathan Mullins
    Letters: Jessica Jimerson

    Detective Satoshi Yamada has just been handed one of the strangest cases of his career. A young high school student is murdered, and the only clue is a mysterious tattoo of the Black Lotus. As the trail of the killer leads him from high school, into the depths of high society, Yamada must confront a secret from his past better left buried. A secret Sundiata must unearth!

    27pgs. Black & White [Manga] digital PDF. 15+