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  • Frontline Detroit New Green Deal Poster


    Flyer image we did for the Frontline Detroit Coalition's recent rally/march. We were ecstatic to find out that Congress Woman Rashida Tlaib tweeted out the poster too!!!

    Info: 'The Frontline Detroit Coalition is INVITING YOU to join us in demanding the Democratic presidential candidates Make Detroit the Engine of the Green New Deal! 
    We need hard commitments to pivot away from OIL and GAS to renewables... we gotta remake the economy! And it’s gonna take bodies on the ground, feet in the street to demand these plutocrats hear our demands!' - Antonio Rafael
    #greennewdeal #demdebates #detroit #democraticdebate

    Front & back image(s)
    11x17 in. Poster

    Pencils: Jason Reeves
    Colors: Loris Ravina

    Use the drop down tab to choose option(s) for:
    FLD New Green Deal Poster [Afropunk] version (pink hair)
    or FLD New Green Deal Poster [Standard] version (brown hair)