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Welcome to 133art Printing, you may remember us from such comics as OneNation: Electric Boogaloo and

Kid Carvers: Get Rich or Die trying. We've been producing your favorite comics for a little while now, and its

a little known fact that we print(!) our own material. And the reason for such a laborious feat was simply that 

there was a dearth of affordable printing options for up and coming indie creators. Its a problem. One that we 

needed a solution for if we were going to produce the content that we loved and felt needed a voice in this 

industry. So we decided to *be* the solution for ourselves and pass the savings onto you guys.

For now, we're happy to serve you for your comic printing needs. Need a short run of floppies for your Kickstarter?

We got you. Need a few copies for the next con? We got you. Want to print a Valentines day comic for your secret

lllllloooooooooovvvvvveeeeeee? You little romantic! We got you!

At the moment we're only able to print floppies, but moving forward the goal is to produce everything from coloring 

books to hardcovers. With your continued business and a little savvy we can do just that. So sit back, relax, and let 

us handle your comic printing needs...or freak out, or whatever.


Jason Reeves


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